Sound Comparison

    We are not professional sound engineers, so please excuse our sound and video quality. However, we believe that you can still tell the differences from these recordings. 
    We try our best to keep other things being equal by using the same cello, cellist, and recording method. 
    As a friendly reminder, these recordings should only be used as a reference, given that they cannot show the full benefits of our endpins or stoppers. In order to recognize the subtle changes in sound and feeling, you must try it for yourself!

1. Sound Comparison – the effect of using different endpins

    In the following videos, our sample endpins include: a carbon endpin, Triple Brillante by Mitsuke, the Berlin Sound Pin, and “Cantabile” by WWT Studio. In addition, we use 4 different models of cellos: one Guarneri, two Strad and one Vuillaume.
    Again, the recordings are only for reference, as every cello is unique and an endpin that works on one cello may not be perfectly suitable for yours. 
    If you like WWT Studio’s Cantabile, just contact us; pay no more than a set of Magnacore strings to get a semi-permanent enhanced sound.

I、A 2015 Guarneri model: 

II、A Vuillaume model:

III、A 1994 Strad model:

IV、A 2018 Strad model:

2. Sound Comparison – the effect of using WWT Studio"Reale"

    We compared the sound difference on a wooden floor, wooden T-bar, rubber pad, office carpet, and outdoor mat, with and without the stopper “Reale”. In our opinion, the “Reale” brings out a more distinctive, rich, and mellow sound.

I、Bach Suite No.2 Prelude (excerpt):

II、Bach Suite No.5 Prelude (excerpt):