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    www.celloendpin.com is made for cello enthusiasts who are eager to make their cellos sound better.
    I purchased a cello from Cremona several years ago, and since then have tried many ways to enhance my cello’s vibrations and acoustics. After in-depth research and consulting with expert luthiers and cellists, I believe that outside of enlisting a luthier’s help, changing the accessories is the best and only way to improve sound and vibration. That being said, the expertise and resources for these accessories are scarce in my country and I have spent a lot of time and money in an effort to find ones that work for me.
    So, how can we find a better sound for our cellos? The solution is to find a better vibration point. However, this is easier said than done. Every tree has its unique life journey and this makes each cello’s sound and characteristics very different. 
    For the best results, I strongly recommend the help of a reputable luthier to make sure your cello's setting is healthy prior to trying on any accessory. String instruments are sensitive and it will be futile to try on accessories if your cello is not tuned properly.
    I developed this website to share my experiences with accessories, especially those that can be easily self-replaced like endpins and stoppers. In addition, I believe that they can bring significant improvements to the sound and feeling of holding the bow.
    Finally, if you have any questions and/or are interested in discussing the effects of other products, please feel free to send the team an email. We will be happy to hear from you.

WWT Studio
    I always believe we can improve a cello’s vibration through the proper design of an endpin and stopper. These designs have the ability to liberate a cello from the constraints of floor materials and can also aid in the feeling of the bow. If you are a cellist, you definitely know how significant the feeling of the bow is while performing.
   WWT Studio was established to create great accessories to help everyone play easier and happier. In pursuit of the aforementioned goals, we (one cello enthusiast, one luthier and one cellist) founded WWT Studio. WWT stands for our last names. It is a symbol of our commitment to seek a better sound. We created the endpin “Cantabile” and the stopper “Reale”. It is our belief that inside every cello there is a hidden potential for an even better sound, and our products were made to bring these out. 
    www.celloendpin.com acts as a platform to share useful information that we have discovered with the cellist community. Please keep in mind that every cello is unique. An accessory that works for one cello may not be perfectly suitable for another and we strongly recommend that you try them out before purchasing. 
    WWT Studio is based in Taiwan. All of our products are shown on the page “Good Stuff” and you can make a reservation to try our accessories at luthier Chi-Wei Wang’s Studio. For more information, please visit the page “Where Can I Try”.

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Good Stuff

WWT Studio

Introduction to WWT Studio's product

    We spend a lot of time creating our products. We hope that through our hard work, everyone can have a better experience when playing the cello.
    All of the WWT Studio’s products have a special coating to prevent rusting as well as maintain the finish. If the surface gets dirty or stained, you can simply use a dry/ wet towel cloth or paper towel to clean it.

Cantabile (the endpin)


    We tried our best to find the most balanced design and material to create our endpin “Cantabile”. Not only does “Cantabile” help the cello produce a more controllable, distinctive, rich, and mellow sound, but it also increases the projection and power. You can go to the page "Sound Comparison" to listen to the effects brought by “Cantabile” and other good endpins.
    Cantabile has only one size: the diameter is around 10mm, the length is around 48cm, and the weight is about 185g. We do not currently provide customized services.

Reale (the stopper)

    We created the stopper “Reale” in order to keep the cello’s stable vibration and tone in different environments and improve its sound quality. You can get an even better experience by using the “Cantabile” and “Reale” concurrently. To listen to the effects brought by “Reale,” visit the page "Sound Comparison."

Introduction to Mitsuke’s product

    Mr. Mitsuke is an amateur cellist. He blends different metals to make marvelous endpins. Besides outstanding acoustic effects, his endpins are also delicate and beautiful. Next, we will introduce some of his products.

Triple Brillante

    Triple Brillante is made of three kinds of metals - tungsten, titanium, and brass. With a diameter of 10mm, length of 50cm, and weight of about 360g, this cello endpin not only brings a more clear and bright sound, but also keeps a powerful low register (we also offer an 8mm option for you to test in Taipei).


    Mr. Mitsuke adds carbon to the rear part of the “Triple Brillante” in order to make a warmer sound. This cello endpin has a diameter of 10mm, length of 50cm, and weight of about 278g. (We also offer an 8mm option for you to test in Taipei).

Brass & Titanium

    This endpin is made of two kinds of metals - titanium and brass, and has a characteristically fast response and bright sound. This cello endpin has a diameter of 10mm, length of 50cm, and weight of about 272g..

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Sound Comparison

    We are not professional sound engineers, so please excuse our sound and video quality. However, we believe that you can still tell the differences from these recordings. 
    We try our best to keep other things being equal by using the same cello, cellist, and recording method. 
    As a friendly reminder, these recordings should only be used as a reference, given that they cannot show the full benefits of our endpins or stoppers. In order to recognize the subtle changes in sound and feeling, you must try it for yourself!

1. Sound Comparison – the effect of using different endpins

    In the following videos, our sample endpins include: a carbon endpin, Triple Brillante by Mitsuke, the Berlin Sound Pin, and “Cantabile” by WWT Studio. In addition, we use 4 different models of cellos: one Guarneri, two Strad and one Vuillaume.
    Again, the recordings are only for reference, as every cello is unique and an endpin that works on one cello may not be perfectly suitable for yours. 
    If you like WWT Studio’s Cantabile, just contact us; pay no more than a set of Magnacore strings to get a semi-permanent enhanced sound.

I、A 2015 Guarneri model: 

II、A Vuillaume model:

III、A 1994 Strad model:

IV、A 2018 Strad model:

2. Sound Comparison – the effect of using WWT Studio"Reale"

    We compared the sound difference on a wooden floor, wooden T-bar, rubber pad, office carpet, and outdoor mat, with and without the stopper “Reale”. In our opinion, the “Reale” brings out a more distinctive, rich, and mellow sound.

I、Bach Suite No.2 Prelude (excerpt):

II、Bach Suite No.5 Prelude (excerpt):

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Where Can I Try

    We spent a lot of time, effort, and money and did our best to create exceptional cello accessories. We hope that by sharing our experiences, fellow cello lovers can save in the quest to find his or her sound.
    We believe that there is no perfect product suitable for every cello. Therefore, we would recommend trying our accessories before purchasing. Today, you can find WWT Studio’s Product in the following locations: 

(A) if you are in Taiwan:

(1) Taipei: (all products mentioned in this website)
Luthier Chi-Wei Wang’s workshop. Just make a reservation first and he will be more than happy to help!

Chi-Wei Wang’s Workshop
Address: 10F.-4, No.72, Sec. 1, Minquan E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Mobile: 886-975709244

(2) We are preparing for the location that you can try the WWT Studio's products. The details will be announced once we make sure the testing spaces.     

(B) if you are not in Taiwan:

     We are trying to provide as many testing spaces as we can. The places will be announced once we find suitable places!

    For more product information, please visit www.celloendpin.com,  WWT Studio, leave a message on this page, or directly email www.celloendpin.com@gmail.com
    Trying to make an improvement on acoustics is a very long road but we are very happy to do our part in helping cello lovers have a better experience.

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